Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I have far too much to say on the subject of knitting

Okay. So. Blogging. Not my strong point but yeah. Right now this I think will be my knitting blog, good for tracking things since even though I'm on ravelry.com, I cannot for the life of me get flickr to work. Right now I've got half a set of knucks done in Knit Picks Elegance that went by the wayside because it is simply one of the most difficult items (or pair of items?) that I have ever attempted to knit. Since I have successfully and fairly enjoyably completed Latvian mittens on size 0 needles and an entirely lace skirt, maybe I'm just super dumb at this particular thing? If they weren't for someone who I love very much and had specially requested them, I'd be tempted to frog the one I've finished and use the yarn (very very soft and lovely) for something else.

I also recently frogged an askew that I had all but blocked and seamed since even with size 9 instead of 7 needles to hit gauge, the pieces were far too small to block into the size needed. Luckily I had at least half a ball of Noro Silk Garden let over, so I'm pretty sure that I can remake it into the size needed. 

Also in Noro, I've started a lizard ridge that I'd love to be able to take to college with me. So far with some math and editing, I've decided to make twenty five blocks each that repeat the twelve row pattern five times, instead of twenty four that repeat it four times. My gauge is naturally quite small, so this hypothetical blanket of mine would be the same as the one depicted.

Upon showing my mom the pattern and the two squares (rectangles, really) that I had, she declared that she absolutely had to have one for the living room. After a bit of confusion on my part, embarassingly enough about compensation (I was a little worried cause it'll be A LOT of repetitive work, especially to make two) I may end up financing my blanket by knitting my mom's, if my hands don't fall off sometime in the process. Working on another square tonight I got the first tendonitis flare up I've had in a long time (my solution, go and type of course!).

I've also got shoved in a bag on my floor a very nearly completed sayuri sweater from Sensual Knits. It's my first sweater/shaped garment and I'm worried because the fit in the back is a little drapey and large, but overall I'm quite pleased and now I just need to motivate myself to finish the damn i-cord edging.

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