Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dyeing in the heat...

Even more dyeing today for me, still using loose mineral eyeshadow from www.fyrinnae.com.  I started with Elf-Struck, which is still in production and got an antique-ish pink from an extremely purple eyeshadow (???). I'm starting to think that half the fun of dyeing with these is how unpredictable they are. 

The roving I dyed with Queen Mab yesterday has finished drying in the (ridiculously hot) sun and along with the Elf-Struck I've got about an ounce each of roving being dyed with Anasazi (discontinued) and Lousy Tip, respectively. Since I've got more sunlight for a while, I may do a few more dyebaths today after those.

Sunday night I decided to rip out the one Knuck I'd finished because, well, it sucked. I also frogged my Sayuri sweater on Sunday because it was too big. I have yet to decide whether I'll remake the Sayuri a size smaller or in the smae size on smaller needles, but either way it might wait for a while because I'm so taken up with Knucks and Lizard Ridge. I was hoping to get one square a day done for Lizard Ridge, but since each square takes me five hours, that probably won' t happen. 

To get the Knucks done, I've decided to do one CD worth of Lord of the Rings of work on them each day but of course, I'm already behind so we'll have to see how that works out.

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