Monday, September 15, 2008

Tweedy Bird

Puns? What?

Anyway, now that I've recovered from my pint on Saturday (giving, not receiving) I'll post about what I did while I was keeping hydrated and maintaining my blood sugar, namely knitting. 

Last week I went to Woolcott & Co. to get some yarn and I ended up buying twelve skeins of Highlander by Alpaca With A Twist to make the Militia Coat from Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira. So far I'm loving both the yarn and the pattern. The Highlander is a really lovely tweed in merino and alpaca with a little microfiber and viscose. The colorway I'm using ("Blackthorn") is a dark grey with cream and tan tweedy bits. Yummy. 

They've also got a new electric winder at Woolcott and the owner was nice enough to wind all of the hanks into center-pull skeins so that I didn't have to spend hours rolling it into balls. Plus I got a really nice canvas bag with the Woolcott logo on it. Score!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ribbit Ribbit

So I've actually frogged two projects in as many days.  First, my Wisp which I had been working on when a bunch of the stitches just fell off the needles. Since I was only a few rows in and I kind of wanted the needles for something else anyway I decided to just pull it apart. I also frogged my Welig gloves because I could already tell that they were not going to fit. I was working them on a smaller needle size than I should have, and they were absolutely going to be too small.

My spinning has stalled a bit, since the project I'm working on requires single ply silver lame thread and I could only find two-ply at the craft store where I work (!!!), and since my spindle is occupied with the yarn it's meant for, I'm going to have to unply it the hard way, which I've been avoiding like the plague.

More later, I'm late for a blood drive!