Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dyeing to see you

First off, I have given up on the Knucks. I remade them three times and no matter what I tried, there were massive gaps between the fingers. So feh, I'm taking a break and then I'll try another pattern for fingerless gloves that isn't finger-down.

I spent most of today dyeing even more roving. I think I might just name this the Fyrinnae Dye Project (FDP) since it's most of the dyeing I'll be doing for a while. To make life simpler (maybe)  for me I'm just gonna hyperlink each eyeshadow color to its page on the Fyrinnae site, thus no hyperlink on a color name = a discontinued color.

Lousy Tip and Anasazi from yesterday are done and unpredictably as always Lousy Tip produced a light brownish tint and Anasazi went from golden ochre to a burnished orange with strong hints of red. (I swear I'll take pictures of all this soon)

Last night I did two more dyebaths with Ancient Mirage and Bastet, which are now done drying. Bastet turned out a medium to dark grey and Ancient Mirage a peachy pale taupe. 

This morning saw another four dyebaths, which are now drying: Black Plum which produced a dark dusty rose color, Bloodmoon which was a muted red and produced a bright orange, Chameleon which was very dark burgundy and produced a light ashy grey and Changeling, which also produced a light ashy, but different from Chameleon grey.

Right now I have dyebaths of Day-Glo Fantasy, Dirty Boy, Dragon's Wing, Dryad and Fall From Grace cooling overnight to be rinsed tomorrow.

I'm starting to realize just how long a process dyeing is. I'm doing a half hour presoak in acidulated water, I've decided to aim for a 15-20 minute cook and then an eight hour cooling/setting period and then another day to dry. And to think, I still have 25 (!!!) pots of eyeshadow that I haven't used yet. FDP looks to be a lengthy endeavor.

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heather said...

Heh, I found your blog, BeccaBecca. I didn't know you could dye wool with eyeshadow (I think that's what your doing, yes?) and you're making all this cool stuff! Even if I have no idea what half the technical stuff you're talking about with the knitting is, I'm gonna keep track of this blog. *hugs*