Monday, July 7, 2008

Dye! Dye!

So a few days ago I recieved three pounds of corriedale roving from, not only did I get it for a song during the birthday sale, it's super super soft. 

I dyed about 50g or five feet of that today using loose mineral eyeshadow from in the now discontinued Queen Mab color and got a lovely pink although there are a few spots that didn't see dye and are still creamy white.  A while back I overdyed some grey yarn with the also discontinued Oil Spill and got a nice green, and failed to do the same with Androgynous Hue and Soot because I didn't let the dyebath cool enough. Hopefully I can get some pictures of my dyeing efforts. I've got stockpiles of this mineral eyeshadow from when Fyrinnae was Bombshell Bath/Shadowfae so I'll probably be able to dye all of the roving I have now and then some. 

I'm hoping to make this blog a daily occurrence, so we'll have to see.

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